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Thespokentoken's podcast

Aug 1, 2017

Birthday Card!! (Show notes)


Contest Results: It's our birthday and we’ll give games away if we want to! This years winners!

David Sieber and Aaron Hall!!

They won

Saloon Tycoon from Van Ryder Games


Control  from Keymaster Games!

Announcing our brand spanking new Patreon Page! Please go and take a look and support us if you can!

Not Just Good but Super Good

  • Best Games of the Spoken Token year (July 16- August 17)
  • Best Looking Games
  • Best Board Game related Experiences

Future Edition

  • Top three things we’re looking forward to in the coming year


Promos - Talk about promos that are necessary to have when playing a game. Game changing or simply aesthetic, how do certain promos affect the games they are produced for.

Firefly, DC Deckbuilder etc.


Conventional wisdom - convention going ons


Beyond the Box - This Month Carrying Options for board games!


New Outreach Project:

  • Announcing a boardgame outreach project: Children's Hospital Game Library! Stay tuned as we work out the particulars of where and when!


  1. Santorini (Roxley Games)
  2. Kingdomino (Blue Orange)
  3. Inis  (Matagot/ Asomodee)
  4. The Networks (Formal Ferret Games)
  5. Scythe  (Stonemaier Games)
  6. Mechs v Minions (Riot Games)
  7. Happy Salmon (North Star Games)
  8. Ethnos (CMON)
  9. Terraforming Mars Stronghold Games
  10. Charterstone
  11. DC Deck Building Multiverse Expansion
  12. Gloomhaven
  13. Dawn Of The Zeds 3rd Edition
  14. Tiny Epic Galaxies (Gamelyn Games)
  15. Firefly The Game (Gale Force Nine)
  16. Ascension The Card Game (StoneBlade Entertainment)
  17. Star Realms (White Wizard)
  18. Lost Legends (Queen Games)
  19. Steve Jackson Games  Munchkin
  20. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game



Conventional Wisdom, list from Steve jackson Games website, fantastic resource!


Board Game carry Bags:

ChromaCast Cajon Bags

Meinl Percussion MSTCJB Standard Cajon Bag

Ikea Frakta Bag

Special Thanks to Pod Studio One for the studio and fantastic engineer to help Alex and I try and at least SOUND better!


HUGE thanks again to VanRyder Games and Keymaster Games for incredible generosity in support of our first birthday contest!



Our friends at OCREMIX.ORG, go check them out and support them however you can!


Intro: Vampire Snap (Castlevania Vampire Killer) Joshua Morse / From the Album Castlevania Sonata of the Damned.


Outro: Sting MMX3 (Opening Stage, Blast Hornet Stage, Neon Tiger Stage Pass Word) Joshua Morse from the Album Mega Man X: Maverick Rising