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Thespokentoken's podcast

Sep 1, 2018

This month we are looking at a new format for the notes, we will work them in closely to what Alex and Larry use for the show! Let us know what you think about the new format, enjoy and see you next month!

                                          Episode 25

Out with a roar, Summer of Games and Gen Con 2018 come to a glorious end!

Expanded Coverage: New segment where we talk about the coverage in the media of our beloved Hobby. Give tips and pointers on where you can find certain types of coverage and just expound on how our colleagues (and some not) are doing. This month we talk about the Gen Con Coverage and look at the wider media audience that covers hobby gaming.










SUPER GOOD! - Games we are excited for from GenCon: We list our top three and go into our expanded list of lists…..



Speakeasy Blues

The Home Alone Game

Pantone - The Game





Transformers TCG


Larry Extended List:

Games I am REALLY excited about (and want):



Gizmos Board Game          



Brass lancashire

Brass Birmingham                                          


Tiny Epic Mechs                                 

Tiny Epic Zombies


Forbidden Sky

AEG Warchest

One Deck Galaxy

Ascension Delirium

BSG Battles (Ares Games)

Heroes Of Black Reach


Games I am REALLY REALLY excited about!  (getting / have for sure):



Graphic Novel Adventures

The City of Kings

Space Park

Dinosaur Island

The Big Score

Transformers TCG




A deeper look - We pick a game (each) and do a deeper dive into the title. Not a review but speaking to the mechanics of it, noting any challenges in obtaining said title. This month Genre blow out: Each host picks a Genre, expounds on the merits of their chosen preference, and gives you THREE TOP Choices of how to enjoy the genre!


Larry Solo player games - Kepler 3042, Nemo’s War, One Deck Dungeon.

Alex - Co op Games - Pandemic: The Cure, Flashpoint Fire Rescue, Mountains of Madness




Summer of Games rolls on!

Larry - The Big score

Alex - Im the Boss

Additional Links:

Roll For Crit

Bower's Game Corner

Additional Hobby board Games market research via  ICV2 Internal Correspondence #94


As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!

Intro / Bumps / Outro:

Fading Entity (Listen to the Cries of the Planet) / By bLiNd, Leifo

From the Album: Final Fantasy VII: Voices Of The Lifestream

Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu