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Thespokentoken's podcast

Dec 1, 2018

Intro Banter: The guys catch up and discuss anything that comes to mind to ease into this week's episode!!


That Time of The Year- Games themed for a certain time of the year! Holidays and family on our minds, we talk games that are good to sink your teeth into collectively with the family at all levels!


The Spoken Token Presents: Movies - The guys each come up with their own movie based off of a board game, with a synopsis and trailer.


Game Gab - The hosts take a more in-depth look at game related topics specifically related to Hobby Board Games in other areas of popular culture.  

This month Lore: Is Lore in board games necessary? What value does it bring?

What is your favorite background Lore?


Conventional wisdom - convention going ons.


When to let go?- When is it time to let a game go. Talk through the feelings and give listeners an understanding of what they are struggling with. Help them ask practical questions about their collection.




Steve Jackson Games




That time of year: HOLIDAYS EDITION!!

Cinque Terre By Rio Grande Games

Pandemic By Z-man Games

Alhambra: Big Box - By Queen Games

In Vino Morte By Buttonshy Games


Holiday themed Honorary mentions

Munchkin Holiday edition By Steve Jackson Games

Dinosaur Island - By Pandasaurus Games

12 Days By Eagle Gryphon Games

Letters to Santa By AEG


Game Lore:

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Twilight Imperium



Honorable mention:



Nov. 30-Dec. 2: PAX Unplugged – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Location: PENNSYLVANIA CONVENTION CENTER, 1101 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107. PAX Unplugged will be an exciting analog-focused extension of our already existing portfolio of PAX events. We’ve found that the Tabletop parts of PAX have grown and grown to the point where we said, “You know what? Let’s make a show that’s just that.” PAX Unplugged is an event specifically tailored to gamers of all ages. All of the content throughout the show is meant to be enjoyed by the entire family all weekend and what’s more, Sunday’s offerings are specifically set up to appeal to our younger gamers in attendance. It’s with that in mind that we will also be offering a Sunday Kid’s Day badge for anyone under 12.


*Thanks to Steve Jackson Games Convention schedule: Steve Jackson Games


As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!


Intro / Bump / Outro

Super Mario World Super Mario's Sleigh Ride OC ReMix By The OneUps  

From the Games: Super Mario World | Super Mario Bros ("Bonus Screen BGM", "Bonus Screen Clear Fanfare", "Map 2 (Overworld)", "Map 5 (Forest of Illusion)" Overworld BGM")

Original Composer: Koji Kondo