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Thespokentoken's podcast

Feb 15, 2019

Intro Banter: The guys catch up with all things in the Spoken Token world and the gaming world and just….the world! Larry talks about some favorite music!!

First up is Stefon Harris. I don't think you can go wrong with him, but the album of his that is my favorite is African Trantella (Dances with Duke), SO SO Good.   Lionel Hampton is a notable historic figure on the same instrument, the Vibraphone. At any rate, music, is good, games are good music and games are REALLY good, play what you like and listen to what inspires you!!

Under the Hood:  We roll up our sleeves and talk about games from the perspective of their mechanics! The mechanisms that are present and cover what some of the buzzwords may mean. Tableau building is what its called on BGG, we call it Engine building!

Definition: "Engine Building" is a genre of board game where players slowly build up a system of generating resources, money, or victory points - typically this engine becomes more efficient as the game goes on, leading to a satisfying sense of achievement when the machine runs at full speed. Here are some of the best engine building board games.



There is some considerable discussion on BGG about the term and it is of note that there is NO official entry in the Mechanics page of BGG for “Engine Building”. They have deck/pool building though.


Games we cover this episode in conjunction with engine building in Board Games:

Wingspan  By Stonemaier Games

Gizmos By CMON

Splendor By Space Cowboys

Alien Artifacts By Portal Games

Scythe By Stonemaier Games

Outside the Box - Tabletop games outside the normal scope. Let’s talk about board games on CONSOLES (XBOX, PS4, Switch) We can let our audience know what is available to them.



Hand of Fate/ Hand of Fate 2

That Time of The Year- Games themed for a certain time of the year! For this time of year where two person activities may be a little more prevalent!

Outlaws Last Man Standing By Holy Grail Games

Liberation By Button Shy Games

Star Wars Rebellion By Fantasy Flight

Twilight Struggle By GMT

Fog of Love By Hush Hush Projects

The Castles Of Burgundy  By Ravensburger

Mage Wars Academy By Arcane Wonders

Code Names Duet By CGE

Beyond the Box - Sleeves, Mats, Dice, customized. We talk about some recently released Sleeves and Dice projects!

GI Joe Sleeves It's both. G.I. Joe AND Cobra. It's sleeves and deck boxes, and mats, but SLEEVES! IF you play the TCG, or ANY TCG or like The Joes, or Cobra, or fun or things that are great…..GET THESE SLEEVES. Classic, logo only, action figure blister inspired art. They are REALLY nice. And it's so cool to get something that is practical AND will help you want to play games more!! (yo Joe!)

Transformers Sleeves They have both in the original multicolor format and just matte red as I have linked in the notes. I'm sorry, these are a MUST for the Transformers TCG. I mean..seriously?!?!

Kraken Dice Simply fantastic Dice, if you miss them on Kickstarter go over to the site and order some dice, the sets look like their pictures are will be the pride of your collection. If you are not a Dice person now, these sets will make you one!

Prepping for a Con: With TN Game Days coming up the guys go through and discuss some practical strategies and tip for making your con the best experience it can be. We cover things such as packing, planning, and group dynamics





TN Game Days



As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!

Intro / Bump / Outro

Bossa de Moga - By Jamphibious / Hometown Heroes: Town Themes Arranged

Project Page:

Original Music by Tadayoshi Makino

From the Game Monster Hunter Tri