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Thespokentoken's podcast

Jul 1, 2019

Summer of Games II (2019) Gaming Family Reunion!


Intro Banter - The guys catch up with very exciting news from the world of gaming, and in general.


Mt. Evergreen GameMore - We look at a new “Mt Rushmore” of board gaming and name new “classics” to replace chosen classics in our gaming past! This episode we start with our top Four choices!


Larry Original Monument: Monopoly Life Payday All My Children 

Alternate Monument: Hey Taxi! 

Larry New Monument: Settlers Of Catan Francis Drake Castles Of Burgundy Runebound (2nd Edition) 


Alex Original Monument:  Monopoly  Scrabble Risk Axis and Allies Trivial Pursuit 

Alex New Monument:  Azul  7 Wonders Kemet  Code Names 

Alex Alternate Monument: Settlers of Catan Ticket to Ride Carcassonne Agricola 

Honorable Mention: Battlestar Galactica Apples to Apples Pandemic Dominion 

Tabletube - Inform about Board Games in other formats, conversions and games that play like Board games. 

Slay The Spire Deck building Rouge Like (Switch/PS4/PC)


Comic Book to Board Game -  What comic book would you turn into a board game and what type of game would it be? 


The Long Haul (Project Play) - the hosts pick an ambitious and far reaching goal and see it through and chronicle it for the show!

We unveil part two in our grand redemption tour! That’s right TWO project Plays (successful to boot) in just one season!! Larry and Alex are Painting!! 


First Impressions – We talk about the first time with a title, from the acquisition to the first look, to the first play and deliver thoughts in writing and on the show. 

This episode Tiny Epic Mechs From Gamelyn Games 


The Business of Business - This episode Patreon rework is coming, great new things are happening with the logo, and possibly other (BIG HUGE) things coming! Stay tune, but if you plan on being in Nashville around GenCon come see us at GenCan’t at GamePointe Cafe and you can see some of what we are teasing here!


Summer Of Games Game choice: Alex and Larry share their end of show games to go get right now!

Larry: Ganz Schon Clever  Doppelt So Clever

Alex: Welcome To 




GamePointe Cafe

Battlelore First Edition 

Music:  As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!


Intro/Interlude/Outro : 

Tail Chaser (Instrumental) / UV Sir J

From the album: VROOM: Sega Racing

Original song: Metropolis Street Racer

Project Site:  VROOM: Sega Racing

Original Composers - Richard Jacques