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Thespokentoken's podcast

Nov 9, 2017

We continue our new series of smaller sized deeper dives into topics at the top of our hosts queues, and in need of standing out on their own.


Alex talks about the internet and how it affects our life with boardgames, gets into Rulebooks and of course brings it home as only he can!


Happy Content Stuffed November everyone!


No game links, but you can always visit your FLGS, your favorite online Retailer or all of our friends over at!


As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!


Intro / Outro:

A Yo’ster Sunset (Welcome to Yo’ster Island!) / By Amphibious

From the album Super Mario RPG: Window To The Stars

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