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Thespokentoken's podcast

Outer Rim Of Gen Con

Aug 2, 2019

I wanted to place the notes to this Episode on their own and not in the attached show notes, so see them below! 


The Long Haul (Project Play) - I got to spend some time with our gracious hosts for this project, Chad and Doris Roberts and learned quite a bit! We talked shading principles, techniques that we will be getting into, what dry brushing is, what washing is, what Dipping is, speed painting! There were amazing miniatures on display to show me what's possible after years of practice! AND a few starting steps:

  1. You want to know what you want to get from Painting: looking for tabletop quality, want to start taking on commissions, just a hobby, etc.
  2. Know WHAT you want to paint for the first time out, pick the mini, suggesting to pick ONE, getting a pile of many can be daunting when you are starting out.


Also there was more wisdom to consider:

  1. Need a level place
  2. Need as much light as you can get
  3. DON’T overspend on brushes, look for cheaper ones to start, but you DO need one with a good point!
  4. Paper plates and an old disused mug/cup will suffice for the starters palette/wash cup.

That’s all for now, I want to leave the rest to the pros, but rest assured, this decidedly CAREER non painter is actually feeling VERY excited moving forward.

That Time of The Year - Games themed for a certain time of the year! It's summer time! That means vacation time! So this episode we are looking at the process of packing games for a vacation or trip. What are good games to take. How should you pack them and so on…


Games depend on a lot of things:

The trip - Where is it and how are you getting there, and whos going?

The Purpose - is it a huge family gathering, time from the kids, just a breather?

The Setting - You going to have tables? No? Multiple player games, or just one or two? Solo?


My plans: If traveling commercially then use a Quiver plain and simple! You can pack a medium game, depending on your space and time or SEVERAL smaller ones! If travelling on your own by car, camper or van, the Quiver is still nice, but a medium Duffle bag for board games is not out of the question here, in my opinion! So on with the list! 


Doppelt So Clever

Welcome To!


`The Resistance

`Coup Rebellion G-64 ( The original Coup fits in that box BRILLIANTLY)


Legacy of Dragon Holt

*Res Arcana

The Big Score

*Bottom of the 9th/Clubhouse

*Tiny Epic Galaxies / Beyond the Black (IF there is space!)



* quiver time!  

` most likely all fit in the same box here

Nothing means just pack it!


So with some medium small games with custom bits, if you are quivering them which I recommend in games like Res Arcana, just bag the components and leave your super neat tray at home, the tray is not needed and making room for it may not be the wisest thing. In fact you can do this across the board, as many games can have non game dependent accouterments left at home in favor of bags. 

Speaking of which, go to a hobby supply place OR raid your other modern games for extra baggies! In hobby shops/wal-mart they are listed as craft/jewelry bags, come in three sizes and they run 100 to a pack for 2-3 dollars (US). Even if you hate them for normal storage, remember they pack down nicely and it's not like you are doing this to your entire collection. If this is the difference between taking say Castles of Burgundy the game with me and not, i'm bagging away. I know it's not on my list, but I love the game and the chance to take it on the road would not be missed by this guy!