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Thespokentoken's podcast

First Impressions: Larry's Extended thoughts on Sword and Sorcery

May 6, 2020

Sword and Sorcery By Simone Romano & Nunzio Surace Published by Ares Games 

Released 2017 (Base Game) 


Big and imposing.

Large with many moving pieces.

This was my stab at just a few words to describe the essence of my time with the game. 

Now the world.

Large and inviting. Dangerous and wonderful. 


Sword and...

Notes from 58

Feb 2, 2020

Hello everyone this is Larry Neal and I am finally getting back to the blogging (We'll get Alex soon enough), these are mostly pulled from my research as I prepare, I take all of my notes into an episode and utilize what appears to be relevant as we record. This is insight into how my mind works, I write this way to...

Outer Rim Of Gen Con

Aug 2, 2019

I wanted to place the notes to this Episode on their own and not in the attached show notes, so see them below! 


The Long Haul (Project Play) - I got to spend some time with our gracious hosts for this project, Chad and Doris Roberts and learned quite a bit! We talked shading principles, techniques that we will...

How space you gonna need: The Big Score

Jun 1, 2019

How much Space you gonna need?- I was tempted to add another game here, but refrained, this episode I tackled The Big Score from Van Ryder Games! This one is unique because it scales well to it's six player variant, and also it has two distinct phases, that not only see you playing a distinctly different mechanical...

Call To Adventure Volume One

May 4, 2019

I Rather like that I have titled this volume one, it seems fitting, given the storytelling nature of this game. Not that it tells the story for you, oh no it in fact leads you with hook after hook to weave your own tale. I like the heady mix of doing what I think is best i.e. ‘what I want to do’ and having to deal...