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Thespokentoken's podcast

Jan 1, 2020

Intro Banter - This is the (mostly) unscripted intro to the show! We catch up, play games, talk about games that perhaps did not make the main show, and just gab, Welcome!  


Our Year in Review - We look at the previous years games and gaming trends, give  perspective and go over what we think about that years hottest topics.

This year we are looking at a few key areas:



  • Biggest Gaming Splash  
  • Biggest Gaming Miss  
  • My Top Gaming Moment of 2019 
  • Trend we think 2019 will be remembered for in the hobby 
  • One Big Takeaway for Gaming in 2019 (Game or Trend) 



Beyond the Box - Sleeves, Mats, Dice, customized. Starting off the new year right we have an expanded segment. We look at the growing number of aftermarket products you can buy to enhance not just the game, but playing the game. 


On the table - We will examine what the game is like when played, we need to personify that experience, this should be impersonal experience wise, but cover angles and what to expect from the title, cover components, setting, rules and the overall atmosphere. 

This Episode: Western Legends  by Kolossal Games

Points to hit:

  •         Components
  •         Set-up
  •         Table presence
  •         Smoothness of play
  •         Rules learning
  •         Atmosphere
  •         Use of setting in implementation

Not just Good, but SUPER Good - Top 3 lists themed by genre.

This will be the FIRST EVER SUPER, Super good list! In honor of the coming new decade Alex and I are going to look at not one, but THREE Super good lists of three each with a bonus one at the end to round out ten titles we think have been the most influential over this past decade! Let’s Finish strong with Episode four and our final recap and discussion!

Larry Full List:

  1. 10. 2017- Azul : This title is one of a wave this year of tactile games, a trend that continues to this day; titles like Sagrada, and Photosynthesis also made appearances this year.
  2. 09. 2010 – Space Hulk Death Angel: This game is notable for its POD support from FF, they have gone on to release, a full POD type adventure game, and this helped pave the way for Keyforge.
  3. 08. 2019 – Wingspan: As we are still in the year it's a little more empirical to understand the influence this years game has, so far this one has been on the lips and in the lenses of nearly everyone, and with a rating in the top 35 overall on BGG, nearly all of its publishing class are in the 3 to 4 to five digit range, that is a considerable influence to move the needle so completely.
  4. 07. 2016 - Escape Room: The Game: The first in a trend of art imitating life, with other lines and many boxes this is a trend that is still going strong, and now spans the last 4 years of the decade.
  5. 06. 2015 - Codenames: Arguably one of the main pillars of titles to help push into the casual gamer to hobby gamer real since its introduction in 2015.
  6. 2018 – That's So Clever: This is really representative of the genre’ Roll and Writes have exploded onto the scene and are promising and delivering, largely, on new play experiences to the hobby world, with no sign of slowing down.
  7. 04. 2014 - Marvel Dice Masters: Nearly as much for what it did wrong as anything, this one changed the production scale of Dice within the industry in 2014, and who can forget the shortage of product, despite that it has gone on to this day and still enjoys decent sales.
  8. 03. 2013 – Viticulture: Lavish production, Stonemaier production with game-play married closely to physical production. They have raised what is expected and showed the industry what is possible in marrying Form and Function at a whole new level.
  9. 02. 2011 – Risk Legacy: First of the Legacy titles, lead to many more.
  10. 01. 2012 – Love Letter: Micro game. Lead the Japanese revolution.

Alex Full List: 

  1. Keyforge
  2. Love Letter
  3. Gans Schon Clever
  4. Splendor Board game
  5. Mansions of Madness 2e
  6. Risk Legacy
  7. Gloomhaven
  8. Codenames 
  9. Zombicide

 1.* Kickstarter * (Big GIANT asteriks, TWO of them)




Music:  As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit and support them for the full project and so much more amazing music!

Intro/Interlude/Outro : 

Blue Magic / by Jean of mArc feat. Gamer of the Winds 

Original Song: Prime Blue

From The Album - Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

Project Page - Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

Original Composer - Miyoko Takaoka