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Thespokentoken's podcast

Oct 15, 2017

In our third special episode we devote some time to sit with the proprietor of a very exciting new establishment for Nashville, and get all the juicy details of their imminent grand opening!


Guest: Rick Keuler

Board Game Cafe’ Nashville: Gamepoint

Location: 107 s 11th street ( 5 points East Nashville)

Hours: 5-11 Wed., Thurs, Fri - Sat 3-11, Sun 3-10p

Opening Date: October 26,  2017


They will be located on Facebook,instagram, twitter; all under the same name.


As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!


Intro / Outro:

Nocturne / By Tim Sheehy

From the album Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Resurrection

Project Link: