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Thespokentoken's podcast

Jun 1, 2017

Episode 10

 Intro Banter: Whats going on, Board game Cafe’ Coming to Nashville via Meeple Mountain!


How much Space you Gonna Need?:This time we cover Seven titles in this hotly anticipated new segment! (By Larry anyway!)


Designer Showcase: The guys talk about some important aspects of the Designers of our times; we cover early titles, notable titles, latest titles and what they are known for, this month first up: Dr. Reiner Knizia!


Epic Comebacks:  New call for social media and the FIRST EVER Spoken Token CONTEST! Thats right, we are looking to give away….well you will have to tune in to Social media to find out, and you have to participate to be entered* (No purchase Necessary**) (From us***)(But at some point I hope you bought that game, or some one did)


Socially Yours: We finish up with a renewed call  for social interaction, and we give you the space to enter our first ever contest!




How much Space you gonna need?


Games list:


Arkham Horror the card game LCG core set  Fantasy Flight Games


Firefly with Blue Sun Expansion GaleForce Nine


Inis Matagot


Mechs Vs. Minions Riot Games


Scythe Stonemaier Games


Terraforming Mars Stronghold Games


Tiny Epic Galaxies with Beyond The Black  Gamelyn Games


Tiny Epic Kingdom with Heroes Call Gamelyn Games




Main measurements  (all listed in feet and inches, Length x Width):


Mechs V Minions

Player setup: 4P, 4 Map boards

Measurements: 4’9 x 3’8



Set up: 4 Player

W/ Blue Sun: 4P

Measurements -

5’L x 3’8 Wide

W/ Blue Sun: 5’9 x 3’9

Blue Sun Extension: 10 IN.


Arkham Horror LGC

Setup: 2 Player core game

Measurements: 3 x 3


Tiny Epic Galaxies & Beyond The Black

Set up: 5 Player

Measurements: 3’9 x 3

Each Mat = 2 x 1’2


Tiny Epic Kingdoms & Heroes Call

Set Up: 5 Player

Measurements: 4’2 x 2’5


Terraforming Mars

Set Up: 5 Player

Measurements: 4’5 x 4



Set Up: 4 player

Measurements: 4’7 x 4’11



Set Up: 5 Player Main board

Measurements: 6 x 4’11

Board only= 2’8 x 2’1/2




Designer Showcase:

Dr. Reiner Knizia   



Published designer of over 600 Published Games!

Recipient of Numerous Industry achievement awards.


Notable Titles:

1997 Tigris & Euphrates

1998 Through the Desert

1999 Lost Cities    

1992 Modern Art



First Published:

1990 Goldrausch (Gold DIggers)

1990 Desperados



18(!) Titles credited so far in 2017!.


Most Known For:

He is particularly notable for his auction trilogy and his tile-laying trilogy.


On Design Elements:

One element of modern game design that Reiner Knizia has pioneered is abstract theme.

Using his understanding of principles in mathematics to full effect, pricing and evaluating risk are frequently recurring elements in Reiner Knizia games. Many of his most successful designs use auctions as a vehicle to price risk, as in Ra, Medici, and Modern Art.




We want to hear from you! Share with us your “Epic Comeback” by telling us the game, and circumstances of your brilliant come from behind victory on any of our social media outlets! We will be sharing both the prizes and the winner in those very same outlets and later on on the podcast itself. Stay tuned!








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We'd like to thank Roll The Dice Murfreesboro for the hospitality and space to measure all the games in comfort!





Music: As always, from the amazing and talented community at OCRemix



Nairobi Hop (Instrumental) [Vs. Team Kenya] /by DCT, LuIzA

From the album:  Super Dodge Ball: Around the World

Original Composer: Kazuo Sawa