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Thespokentoken's podcast

Dec 15, 2018

Intro Banter: Clarification of Lore meaning over the last two episodes. Larry and Alex recently discussed Lore in games on the show. While we discussed the topic thoroughly off the air after listening to the published episodes it has come to our attention that our agreed upon definitions of the use of the term Lore was never mentioned on the air. We apologize for any confusion and will use this intro banter to clarify our intent. Look for this segment to be imported into the past episodes as a disclaimer in the coming weeks, so that our intended discussion may be more completely enjoyed by all!


Not just Good, but SUPER Good - Top 3 lists themed by genre. Its List of Lists time and this time the Guys go ALL out for this most wonderful time of the year!! Booked, research and be ready!


Top Three Hotness to Gift


Top three games to start a burgeoning collection


Top three gifts for the gamer that aren’t Games


Top three Games on your list YOU MOST want (Larry & Alex)

Elephant In The Room - Topics that HAVE to be talked about.

This episode Keyforge By Fantasy Flight Games


On the table - We will examine what the game is like when played, we need to personify that experience, this should be impersonal experience wise, but cover angles and what to expect from the title, cover components, setting, rules and the overall atmosphere. Then TOGETHER we will get into our personal experiences with the title and give our personal thoughts on said title together.

This Episode: Kemet By Matagot








Dice Throne Season 1



Twilight Imperium 4Th Ed

San Marco

El Grande’

A Feast For Odin

  Endeavor: Age of Sail

  X-Wing Second Edition: Starter Set

  Western Legend



  7 Wonders Duel


 Viticulture Essential Edition




BoardGameGeek Artist Series

Tiny Epic Game Haul Carrier  

Custom Tokens for Keyforge - These are in a number of places, I believe they are a good bet as getting the decks are such a large part of this game, you want to put as much as you can into their purchase. IF you miss out on a starter or want to just be a little more original, add these to someone who has the game, whether they have a starter or not, and they will thank you. I've seen both wood and acrylic and of course 3-d printed all would be welcome upgrades from the cardboard in the box, and as a gift are a sure win!

Represent the meeple -  Gamers have adopted the meeple as their universal sign flag bearer      so get them something that has one on it.

A T-Shirt with a Catan quote on it -  Catan is the granddaddy of modern board gaming and just outside of the realm of cultural obscurity that a good portion of people would recognize the reference. Lets celebrate our heritage!

A steam gift card -  Yall Scythe and Terraforming Mars have computer versions!


As always from the amazing community of gifted musicians, arrangers, and composers over at go visit them for the full project and so much more amazing music!


Intro / Bump / Outro

NiGHTS into dreams Merry Little Christmas by Dale North

From the Game NiGHTS into Dreams (Original Song: Dreams Dreams)

Original Composers: Fumie Kumatani, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki