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Thespokentoken's podcast

How space you gonna need: The Big Score

Jun 1, 2019

How much Space you gonna need?- I was tempted to add another game here, but refrained, this episode I tackled The Big Score from Van Ryder Games! This one is unique because it scales well to it's six player variant, and also it has two distinct phases, that not only see you playing a distinctly different mechanical game, but also will require different space on the table. So as with all of these segments, I use a nominal 6x4 space. (So yes, this is a part of the reason I had my table made to this size!) and understanding that not everyone has this amount of space, remember my measurements are assuming that you do, I spread the components out to a logical distance and include all elements (rule books too) on the table in the measurements to get you a BASELINE. Of course you will have to adjust for your own situation accordingly!


phase I

Player area: 1 foot 2 inches per player (linear)

Middle common area: 29 Inches

Main picture as shown (Instagram) total four players: 6x3


Phase II

Player area: 10 Inches

Middle common: Variable; you can pass the token bag here OR use the standee. The standee is approximately 5.5 inches square. You will need a little more room for the police track and the “floor” of the vault.