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Thespokentoken's podcast

Aug 2, 2016

Episode 01 Show Notes

0-3:30 Intro banter - It’s our inaugural show, Welcome! This time the team introduces themselves and talks about why we are here and few other things!


3:32-7:40 The Right Kind of Crowd - Talking about the type of players/crowd that a particular game is aimed at. This week we look at: Ca$h ‘n Guns (Repos Production) In Depth

We also run down several other games by type in this segment to compare and contrast them against player types:

Worker placement games for the conflict averse

Narrative heavy story driven games for thrill seekers


7:44-17:38 On The Table - The hosts play a game particularly for the show and talk about it, this time it was Ashes Rise of The Phoenix Born by Plaid Hat Games.


17:40-22:59 Taking Off The Lid - An in depth look at opening up a game box and taking a good look at the components, to get into the early ownership experience. This month we look at the excellent Mysterium by Libellud and Asmodee.


23:02-32:40 Beyond The box - We look at gaming accessories and how they can complete the experience. This time we open up with talk about card sleeving get into why you should do it and the best ways to accomplish it if you do, we wrap up this segment with talk about current prices.


32:54-45:56 Games On The Go - Here we explore games that are easy to transport but high on gameplay:

Cypher AEG - Tiny Epic Galaxies Gamelyn Games - Ninja Dice GreenBrier Games

Nyet Iello - Carcassonne Z man Games - 7 Wonders Duel Repos Production


46:00-47:13 Outro Banter - Wrapping up the first show and looking forward to show two, also discuss how to get in touch with us via social media.


Come interact with us:

Google + - Thespokentokenpodcast

Facebook - The Spoken Token

Instagram - thespokentokenpodcast

Twitter - @thespokentoken

BGG Guild #2656


Music - Intro & Outro: De Nuit (The Phantom Forest) / mv Feat Jeff Ball, From the Album “Balance and Ruin; Inspired by Final Fantasy VI” at Overclocked Remix.Org


Additional LInks: Boardgamegeek, OC Remix


Spoken Tokem
almost four years ago

Just wanted to clarify that we are a monthly podcast as of right now. There may be some confusion based on statements made in the show, but for now we will see you in September!